Monday, February 27, 2006

Post #7 Gestures

Some gestures from tonight:

And another 5 minute. (his face sort of looks like an ape in this one, he doesn't really look like that!)

Post #6: Studio night

A 5 minute sketch.

I think this one was 15 minutes. He was doing some good poses.

My first 30 minute of the night.

This one was 45 minutes.

I was playing with scale in this 30 minute. I like the way it turned out.

Post #5 H-O-T

Whit, this is a hot pose for over a bed! (She had a tattoo on her back)

I'm running out of ones that I like, hopefully in class tonight I'll get some more good ones to post! And I hope to start sketching more during the day of random things, people, architecture, etc.

Post #4: For Robby (more penis)

Yeah, so 25 minutes into a 30 minute pose I had way overworked a drawing and started over with 5 minutes left. I changed my media and ended up liking this 5 minute drawing more than the 25 minute of the same pose. Go figure. BTW, it doesn't need to be was a lying pose but with 5 minutes I didn't exactly have the time to imply the ground, okay?
There was nothing unique about this guy...very skinny, no muscles...and to make it worse, his poses were boring...he basically just stood there (with his arms crossed!). ugh. Show me some passion people!! (I mean, they get paid $10 an'd think they could get a litttle creative) After that people started requesting poses.
This guy was better, he had some muscle tone and did some great poses.
One of my friends has dibs on this one already...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Post #3: Gesture Drawings...

The gesture drawings that we do in class are 1 minute long. It is just enough time to get the basics captured. Some are better than others :-) I typically do several gestures on a page because paper is friggin' expensive!

This one I did one on top of the other. I sort of like the way it turned out but wished I had more time on it. I guess I could always go back and add to it...

A classic gesture.

That's it for now.

Post #2 :-)

Post #1 (How envious are you that you didn't think of this title?)

Hello People of the Internet! This is my very first blog attempt...oooooh...

So, why, you might ask, have I created a sketch blog?
- Everyone else is doing it :-)
- It seems to be a great form of procrastination!
- Hopefully I will be inclined to sketch more...(that is if I get positive feedback!)
- And I hope to get lots of feedback (good, bad, ugly, humorous...) from fellow procrastinators and artists (I use this term loosely) like myself.

Okay, so here's what this blog is going to consist of: (I like lists by the way)
- random commentary/explanations of sketches
- drawings/sketches/photos
- links to sites that I deem worthy
- anything else that pops into my little head

Please Enjoy...

Today I'm going to post some pics (I apologize now for the crappy quality, but hey, it's my first blog!) of figure drawings that I've done so far this semester, in no particular order...

This is some pastel work.

Didn't quite get the right proportion on her feet, but I like the drawing anyway.

Okay, there it very first post! More pics to come, apparently there is a limit per post or something...