Monday, February 27, 2006

Post #4: For Robby (more penis)

Yeah, so 25 minutes into a 30 minute pose I had way overworked a drawing and started over with 5 minutes left. I changed my media and ended up liking this 5 minute drawing more than the 25 minute of the same pose. Go figure. BTW, it doesn't need to be was a lying pose but with 5 minutes I didn't exactly have the time to imply the ground, okay?
There was nothing unique about this guy...very skinny, no muscles...and to make it worse, his poses were boring...he basically just stood there (with his arms crossed!). ugh. Show me some passion people!! (I mean, they get paid $10 an'd think they could get a litttle creative) After that people started requesting poses.
This guy was better, he had some muscle tone and did some great poses.
One of my friends has dibs on this one already...


Abbey said...

First off, LOVED the name of the post!

Second, am so enjoying (and am very envious) of your sketches. I wish I had your talent!

I have added you to my list of "My Fellow Bloggers."

Can't wait to see more!


Katie C said...

Thanks Abbey!

Robby said...

Thanks for dedicating a post to me! :-)