Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Post #10: Implants?

A couple drawings from last night's studio. We had our mid-term review yesterday and the prof. said that I was was farther along than most people in the class and some who choose this as a profession! Cool.


Whit said...

Definetly implants! No one can have breasts that big & perky... unless they're bought and paid for ;-)

That's an awesome compliment from you prof! Why don't you skip grad school & we'll move to CA & open up a gallery?

Katie C said...


Ruphus said...

Must agree with Whit, those thingies are augmented.

They are good (the drawrings) They are very good.

Abbey said...

Sweet!! You and Whitney move to Cali! We will have LOTS o' Girlie Fun out here... Katie, Matt, and I can be artsy, and Whit and Drew can bring in the cash to support us. Yes, I like that plan. Let's do it.

Those boobs are SOOOOOO fake!!! So BOUGHT!! Drew could tell...and he's sitting on the other side of the room.

Katie...that it the most amazing compliment you got from your prof. WOW!!! Though, I wouldn't share that tidbit with those hacks...I mean, students... in your class. That could get U-G-L-Y.