Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Post #12: Don't Steal, It's Mean.

So, remember that drawing I was teasing everyone about in the last entry? The one that was up for critique? Well, it's gone. Last week I showed up for class and the drawing (my favorite so far) was nowhere to be found :-( I guess someone either really liked it or really hated it. Anyway, that's just mean. Maybe it will miraculously return but I'm pretty sure it's long gone...

Well, here are some drawings I did last night. I was a little rusty after having Spring Break off and last week we had a model not show up...but here they are, nonetheless.

So, the head on this one ^ is too small, but I do like the line work.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of "The Missing Drawing" contact Crime Stoppers today!
-joking :-)


whit said...

That's Awful. You should run a full page ad in the Kernel about the stolen artwork and the reward... and it should obviously run with one of your nude sketches so that someone will be able to turn in their friend who is obviously using the picture for some carnal pleasure!

likenakedvenus said...

oooooorible, an investigation is in order. we need prints, interrogation tactics, and Gary Sinise. -----------------------------------maybe its a sign of things to come, maybe in the future your work will be so greatly desired that fanatics of the Queen will risk imprisonment just to have a piece for themselves.

Robby said...

These are really great... He (are they all the same person?) must have been relatively hot... ;-)