Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Post #8 Feet

Ugh. We had the same boring guy that I was talking about earlier last night. I tried to make it interesting but I just wasn't feeling it. I got one good drawing out of last night but unfortunately I don't have it. It is up at school because on Wednesday nights we have critique. The above sketches are mediocre. I guess I thought the most interesting thing about him was his feet...I don't know.

The ones below were up at school for the last critique we had so I just got them back last night. I really like the bottom one.


Abbey said...

I've always heard that drawing feet and hands are the hardest. Do you think that's true? If not, what is the hardest? (It's all hard to me, so I have no frame of reference.)

I'm so very impressed with them. Feet I drew always turned out more like Mickey Mouse...very bubble-like. Not attractive on normal people. : )

Can't wait to see more...

Katie C said...

Yep, feet are tough, hands too. I have a problem getting the proportion of the feet to the other parts of the body correct, especially if there is fore-shortening involved.