Sunday, October 15, 2006

My messy apartment...

So, I graduated from UK with a BA in Interior Design and a minor in art history and now I'm in Cincinnati studying architecture! I graduated in May and started here in June...busy, busy!

I made a deal with a friend that I'd start my blog again if he started his so here I am...

I thought I'd start with a few pics of my messy apt.
First, naked women in the bathroom...Wait,I know, let's play a game and count all of the naked women around my apt...
My stylish new chair that my mom bought me for graduation! I love it!!!!!!
In the living room. The green cabinet is my flea market find that I probably paid too much for. And Penny peaking around the corner.
My funny eggplant rug :-) It'll make anyone smile!
The light fixture I made in undergraduate. It's suppose to hang like a chandelier but there's no place for it so it sits proudly on the mantle.
The bar, which desperately needs artwork above it and a party so people will drink what's in it. What's funny is that this piece of furniture is called a dry sink...but, now I call it's a wet sink.
The office...notice the two black lamps I have yet to find a home for, the computer moniter not hooked up to anything, and the amt. of clear space on the table (zero!)
These hideous plastic drawers house all of my art/jewelry/craft supplies. I should NEVER have to go to Michael's and yet I find myself there every week, at least once.
And a cute little sign in the bathroom reminding you where you are :-)

Okay, how many naked women did you count? If you said 9, you're correct! Give yourself a pat on the back. 6 in the bathroom, a Degas print above the green cabinet, the green vase is in the shape of a woman (Thanks Whitney!), and a black and white drawing on the top shelf in the office.

Projects and sketches to come in the next posts!


robby said...

I like Penny peaking around the corner! :-) And!! YOU finally made it on your own blog... ;-) The apartment is shaping up pretty nicely. I also like how the chandalier is sitting on the mantle... Lots of nude females! You need to get some "diversity" in your nudity... ;-)

Katie C said...

I have a penis drawing that I want to frame and it's rather large (the drawing) so that should create some diversity...I might even put it above the mantle! Ha!

likenakedvenus said...

I recognize that liquor & that framed pic on the Green cabinet

Whitney said...

I like the "I call it's a wet sink" comment ;-) Glad you're back!

Katie C said...

I'm allowed to make typos in my blog!