Monday, November 13, 2006

Touch Ups

Maybe I have redeemed my poor photographs in the previous posts with my touch ups I did in Photoshop?? The one that looks magenta is actually a deep purple...good ol' internet colors!

(Okay, I changed it to RGB...what a difference!)

(CMYK...I actually like this one better)

(vs. RGB)


likenakedvenus said...

so so good. Love the top two. You should do some men (drawrrings of men)

likenakedvenus said...

maybe I should Pose. hmmhmmm hmmm

Whitney said...

I LOVE #2 & #3. In fact I want to buy that dress.. it's perfect. Now about the last lady: Was Barbie the model? Maybe Jessica Rabbit ;-)

Whit said...

When's that next post coming? 24 hrs+.

Katie C said...

be patient, my child.