Saturday, July 28, 2007

Figure Drawing Returns!

I've been wanting to do more figure drawing, but the studios offered at UC always seem to conflict with my architecture classes...bummer. However, I've been doing some research and the Cincinnati Art Academy offers community education classes each quarter...some of which are night classes once a week...and it doesn't cost that much money...PERFECT! So while I'm on my next co-op quarter, coming up in September, I'm going to register for one of these classes. Yay!

They offer all kinds of fun community courses ranging from water color, painting, book binding and dreamweaver. This may prove to be a nice scheduled "playtime" to oppose the constant pressures from "real" school! Look for some posts by the end of September!


Whit said...

AWESOME! Pittsburgh has a similar thing and they offer stuff like photography and pottery. But it's kinda expensive... like $300 for 6 weeks. Although that's not too bad if it includes materials.

You should not tell mom or else she'll sequester all the ones you like ;-)

Katie C said...

I know! There is an "open studio" class which doesn't have an instructor which is only $65 for 10 weeks (but I don't think the fee for the model is included. Or there is a class with an instructor for 10 weeks that is around $130, including the probably works out to about the same cost.

Robby said...

Very Cool! Exciting! :-)

Nicole said...

Wow, Katie, your work is amazing! I love your funky-colored apartment ;)


Whit said...

Hey Kate, did you do sketch crawl this year? I just looked at Enrico's blog and saw that it was last week.

Katie C said...

Thanks Nicole!

Whit- I wanted to, but it was the weekend before finals...maybe next sounds like fun!