Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Return.

Last week we had a male model. I was a bit rusty, having been away from my nudes for over a year.

But last night was better... Enjoy.


Whitney said...

Yey! Is there actual instruction during the class? Or do you just show up and draw?

Katie C said...

Yep, just show up and draw. There is what is called a "moderator" who takes attendance and leads the poses but it's very free to do whatever. I am one of two girls, which I was surprised about. The rest are men. Two of which are cute old men who I imagine are retired and enjoy a different hobby each day of the week...because that's what I would do!

And it's totally convenient to work, it's literally a block away from the my work building!

Robby said...

Yay! These are good! I like 1 & 2. :-)


A-Whit said...