Saturday, June 07, 2008

"Conscious Eating"

As some of you may know, these past two weeks I've been doing a "cleanse" which is basically a vegan diet, with no added sugars, no caffeine, no alcohol, and no gluten. Oprah talked about this on a recent show with Kathy Freston (her new book is Quantum Wellness). It is supposed to last 21 days, in order for your body to "heal" itself from years of abuse. I did it for 14 and I feel really great. My energy has been really constant and I lost 5 lbs. (which isn't why I did it, but a nice benefit!). I even managed to go without caffeine (although I did have tea on occasion) during finals week...a true miracle.

Anyway, now I'm allowing myself to eat a vegetarian diet, although I'm limiting my gluten and dairy products. Not wanting to sacrifice tastiness for healthiness, I've been forced to get creative with all of the fruits and veggies I've stocked up on. So, inspired by some of Abby's posts about food and going green...I thought I'd share my very tasty and easy vegetarian pizza that I had for dinner tonight.

I bought a pre-made organic pizza crust and lightly drizzled olive oil over it. (I opted not to do pizza sauce since this would just add calories, sugar and sodium...and it was still very flavorful) Then I added a layer of basil, sliced tomatoes, and baby bella mushrooms. I sprinkled feta cheese over it (just for doesn't take much) Then I popped it in the oven at 425 for about 8-10 minutes (or whatever the crust package directs)

Of course, you can alter this for your taste. Artichokes, red onions and green peppers would be great to use!

You'll also notice in the photo, a sugar substitute called Stevia. It is a natural sweetener with 0 calories and rates 0 on the glycemic index (which means it won't spike your blood sugar levels). I will warn that it is REALLY sweet. I put one packet in my tea and it was too much. Next time I'll try it with 1/2 of the packet.

And, of course, a cloth napkin that is reusable vs. a paper towel that will end up in a landfill. A very conscious meal, I'd say.


Robby said...

That pizza looks good. I'm calling Domino's. (just kidding! :-) )

Whit said...

It really looks beautiful. I'm serious. Move in and make my life pretty and green and vegetarian. Then you can play the rest of the day.

Abbey said...

Very Nice!!! I'm so glad that I'm doing some green influencing. I try super hard to keep it going in my own life, too. It's kinda difficult sometimes, but I'm, at least, very conscious of it all the time now.

You are one brave lady going on that cleanse. I'm not sure I could do it. Though I have really got to clean up my eating act. I'm not the healthiest person to say the least! You have inspired me to eat healthier, though, because all your food looks SO GOOD!!

Oh...and I am ALL about the cloth napkins! I have to keep buying them (in bulk from TJMaxx!) because we don't do laundry enough. : ) hee hee hee

And, one last thought, I swear... Another fantastic sugar substitute, esp. for oatmeal, teas, coffee, etc., is Agave Nectar. It has been a saving grace for tastes fantastic! I highly recommend it!!! And you can buy in bulk at Amazon.

Katie said...

Thanks for all the comments!