Sunday, June 29, 2008


It's true. I hoard magazines, much like my mother (that's gonna get me in trouble). However, I do TRY to be organized about it. While I go through magazines I tear out images and/or recipes that I want to keep. That way I can RECYCLE the rest. The images go into the blue file box (remember?) and the recipes/crafts go into a binder with plastic sleeves. Et Voila! inspiration at your fingertips.

But I do confess, I don't have the courage to do this with my Architectural Record and Interior Design mags just yet. Until then, they sit in mounds in my office, below my desk, until this "my_Precious" mental block releases it's hold.


Anonymous said...
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Whitney said...

Hehe. Love the "my Precious" reference :) All you need is a library!