Friday, June 27, 2008

Snow Pea Pasta

Still eating pretty healthy, even though this was the first week of the summer quarter!
Corn Pasta with snow peas and a little cheese.
(it looks nice in my green fiestaware!)

I've also been adding protein powder to my morning smoothies.
It's actually really tasty:
Unsweetened soy milk
two over-ripe bananas
scoop protein powder
flax seeds
scoop oatmeal
ice to blend

I did this once when the bananas were still mostly yellow, and it just wasn't as good. It really is better when they are mostly brown!


Whitney said...

What's the protein powder do? Is that just cause you aren't eating meat? The pasta looks yummy!

Katie C said...

Yes, the protein just supplements my meatless diet...although, truly I haven't been totally meatless. Whenever I go home the food is too good to pass up! I had a cheeseburger last weekend! Moderation is key, I think.

Nerissa said...

You write very well.