Sunday, July 27, 2008


So, I found this blog thanks to a friend and couldn't resist making blueberry pancakes of my own. So much for gluten free, sugar free, yada yada yada. This week I'll eat better, but I thought I deserved such delicacies since I've been eating pretty healthy for the last couple months.

Boy were they TASTY!


Whitney said...

I must say, I'm a pretty good pancake maker. And I always do the "light and fluffy" kind where you whip the egg yolks separately. Wish I were living with you Kate ;-)

Katie said...

I know, maybe if my other co-op options fall through I'll try the one in Orlando...then we can be BAD together!

Whitney said...


Robby said...

OMG... These must be the ones Hunter was taunting me with... After he mentioned them I went out and bought some... Surely not as good (although they were good...).