Friday, September 05, 2008

my chocolate pie secret...

Mother's Day (or Easter...I don't remember), Dad and I are in the kitchen making chocolate pies.

Dad: You know Katie, I've been tripling this recipe for two pies so there is more filling in each one.
Katie (perplexed): huh.
Katie: I thought you doubled it for one pie.
Dad: No, I usually double it, because I always make two pies.
Katie: huh.
Katie: I quadruple it for two.


Abbey said...


Serve me up a piece or two (or seven) of that over flowing pie!!!!

hunter said...

I think I'm gonna try and make one soon. We'll see how good'a teacher you are (or student I am.) Louie say chirp

Robby said...

I want a damned chocolate pie... That shit looks good. Sextuple the recipe.

hunter said...

I keep coming back to your blog to see the chocoPie pics. Thats it. Gonna have to test my abilities soon (and pick up the pace on my runs).