Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cinque Terre

Five small fishing villages hover on the Western rocky coastline of Italy with terraced vineyards and meandering cats who patiently wait at the edge of your dinner table hoping a bit of prawn will happen to fall from your plate. We stayed in Vernazza, arriving just after the sun had set after a long day of traveling. We hoofed it up to our room and unloaded our packs in time to walk down to the water, where all of the restaurants overlook the pier. For dinner, the signature pasta of the Ligurian region, trofie al pesto, and wine, of course.

A regional train connects the villages, shooting through the dark depths of the mountains. But the real way to experience the cities is on foot, hiking along the trails, through vineyards, along the coastline, up and down the hills that separate one village from the other. It sounds like a vacation on its own (and it could be!) but this was just one of our stops along the way...

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