Saturday, December 05, 2009

Berry Bird

I know a berry bush. She lives directly in front of my parking spot and her glorious array of perfectly tiny, perfectly round, (perfectly poisonous?) red berries greet me everyday when I come home.

I also know a cardinal. Well, I know of a cardinal. We're not actually acquainted. I spotted him yesterday. He was obnoxiously loitering at the dumpster, which I felt was inappropriate for such a regal bird. Dumpsters are for the likes of Sparrows, after all, not the State Bird!

He flew away after I gave a disapproving nod. I didn't even have time to tell him that there exists a perfectly perfect berry bush nearby in which he could perfectly perch with his scarlet feathers nestled next to her ruby reds.

Let me know if you see him.

1 comment:

Whitney said...

Aww. We don't know cardinals and berry bushed here. Only lizard and palm trees. All green.