Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tis The Season

The most magical time of year is upon us. As a child there was no greater excitement than the prospect of snow, partially because it meant the Kentucky back-roads were rendered impassable and school would invariably be canceled. As we got older we would crawl back into our cozy beds upon hearing the news and possibly not change out of our pajamas until our mother was just about to arrive home from work that evening.

But when we were younger, these days were seized. Like, how fast can I put 10 layers of clothes on and where are my snow boots? Do they even still fit? No, I don't care if my socks match. Have you seen my gloves? Both of them? That's my scarf, yours is over there. What do you mean I need earmuffs???? Wait for me!!!!!!!

It was a day filled with competition. Who could get outside the fastest? Who could endure the most snowballs to the head? Who could sled the farthest down the hill? Who got the most marshmallows in their hot chocolate? Who could have THE MOST FUN EVER?

Snow was like a gift from the Heavens. Never mind if the adults had to drive in it. We got to PLAY in it. And then drink LIQUID CHOCOLATE, our noses running. It doesn't get any better.

So what if I couldn't feel my toes. It was WORTH it if they fell off. Really.

Even now, snow is still sort of magical. You never know when it's coming or how much, no matter what the weatherman proclaims. Its something special to wake up on a winter day and be drawn toward the window because there's a familiar white glow reflecting in.

Could it be? You open your curtains. Yes, I thought that was you, Snow!

The landscape you left the night before has changed into something brilliant. Everything is calm. Quiet. And your inner child can't wait to go outside and PLAY in this fleeting gift from Mother Earth. If only all of life's gifts were so recognizable, so seized.

...Yesterday I woke up to our first dusting of snow, and while it only lasted until noon, the magic stayed with me all day.


Whitney said...

I remember the all day PJs, delicious hot chocolate, and an occasional attempt at a snow man. But I think you've grossly romanticized snow day competion. First, trudging around in snow is tough work! Makes you tired. And then there's the runny nose, cold feet, and the fact that snow men are soooo hard to build with only 6 inches of snow. I was only ever good for one snow angel and then back inside for the cocoa and PJs.

Katie said...

Yes, well you were always the wimp. ;)
And I'll never admit to not romanticizing things.
It's what my little brain does! Makes for good memories. :)

Katie said...

P.S. Maybe you should write your version of the story over at Happenings Chez-Nous and then we'll compare notes...

The fearless threader said...

Even now one of my favourite things is to walk my dogs in the snow, preferably when it is still falling, it just feels somehow primal and wonderful and free.

Katie said...

I agree!