Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lady in Pigtails

I hadn't made it to figure drawing in a couple of weeks due to inclement weather and school presentations/tests..but I made it back tonight! Hopefully I don't miss anymore. It really is better when you practice with anything.

There are some really talented folks in this class. Quite intimidating!


The fearless threader said...

Don't be intimidated. I found over the 2 years that i have been going to life class that those who appear initially to be really talented are using the same technique and don't vary what they do. This results in very good drawings, but not a lot of development in technique. This drawing is gorgeous, is it pastels? Lovely use of colour and shading.

Whitney said...

Yay! Are we back to the sketch blog?

Katie said...

Thanks for the comments! Yes, this is a pencil and pastel drawing on newsprint.

Whitney- Who knows what this blog is about? It has definitely been lacking drawings though! I'm glad to be back to sketching!