Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Shopping

Anthropologie is relentless. It's bad enough that their clothes and home accessories are so delectable but do they have to keep reminding me with their artful catalogues and whimsical storefronts? It's too much for my empty pocketbook to take! And behold, the adorable birthday card they sent me (which is a 15% off coupon) with a candle necklace attached. It is just too hard to resist such sweet advertising.

Did I mention their beautiful catalogues?

Looks like someone will be perusing the sale racks this month...
You win, Anthropologie, you win.


Abbey said...

Dear Lord I love Anthro.

I love just walking into that store. I could live there, really.

Katie said...

Me too Abbey!! I can only allow myself to go in there on occasion because I always end up getting something, at least a candle. ;)

Katie said...
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