Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning at the onset of spring is always so delightful because you can throw open the windows and let the fresh air sweep away any remnants of the stale winter air. A sense of renewal and new beginnings is especially poignant for me this year because soon I'll be starting a new chapter in my life that does not include homework. It's always bittersweet when these transitions occur. (Although I'm leaning heavily toward the sweet side on this one.)

I always miss the spaces that I leave behind, the cultivated nests that make me feel like I belong somewhere. There are always particular aspects of a home that make it unique, maybe a little bit quirky. Sometimes it's a spectacular view or drafty windows so old that they creak when you shove them open. In this apartment, while I love the hardwood floors...I must say that I'm going to miss waking up to that blue tub and funky tile. It's so unexpected and such a throwback. No one says, "I want a pink toilet," anymore. It makes me sad. Every HGTV bathroom renovation bemoans these dated spaces and while I'm not endorsing these rooms that haven't been updated in 50 years...I think a touch of the past is totally acceptable and totally delightful.

Just imagine a stark white, sleek, modern bathroom with this tub being the only dash of color. I think it would be lovely!

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