Saturday, April 03, 2010

Trying to Recycle

I am just not one of those women who sprays perfume on every morning before jaunting out into the world. So when I was doing my Spring Cleaning and noticed a nearly-full glass perfume bottle that I've had for, oh about 5 years, I immediately put it in the trash pile. But then I reconsidered. It was such a beautiful shape, surely I could find a use for it.

So I tried unscrewing the top thinking it would be as simple as emptying the contents and refilling it with something I would actually use. But it wouldn't budge. Out came the pliers. With a tight grip and maybe a little grunt, it started to turn. And turn. And turn. Without moving up the bottle the top was moving round and round. Clearly, this was not a simple screw on spray bottle.

Determined, I finagled my pliers in just the right position to try and pry the top off of the glass bottle...thinking that the glass would be stronger than the top. See where this is going? Luckily the glass didn't break into a million pieces and land me a trip to the ER but it did break. Come to find out that perfume manufacturers somehow clamp on the metal spray contraption to the glass so that there really isn't a way to reuse the bottle (as far as I can figure out). I really wish more industries would think about the life cycle of their products!

Anyway, I still haven't thrown it out. I'm sure it will make a nice bud long as I can locate a glass file.

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