Friday, June 11, 2010

Entering Real World: Proceed With Caution.

DONE!!! I can now say that I have a Master of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati. Yes, I like the way that sounds too. The next long-term goal is to become a registered architect, which means I have to start taking the dreaded ARE exams pretty soon...but we'll think about that later.

The immediate goal is MOVE TO FLORIDA! Yeehaw! I am all packed up and ready to go. We load up my stuff early tomorrow morning, and by 'we', I mean myself, dad, brother-in-law, and uncles. (Let's hear it for family obligations!! WOOT!)

And I'll be moving IN STYLE, because when I saw zebra print tape that matched a pair of my sandals, well I just had to pick up a roll. The moving boys will love it. ;) hehe.

The last thing on my list tonight is to (quickly) go through this 'small' stack of magazines and rip out pages I want to keep to file away in my inspiration folders. I just can't justify moving 1000 miles with them. I've been meaning to do it for some time now, so this is the perfect opportunity. There's nothing like an impending move that makes you re-assess your needs! I have made several trips to St. Vincent de Paul (the local version of the Salvation Army).
And, hey, Happy (early) Father's Day, Dad! You get these great little succulent transplants! I think they are pretty cute in their in-transit red Dixie Cups.

Wish me luck everyone! Here I go...into the abyss.


The fearless threader said...

Good luck with the move and have loads of fun in your new home and new town.

Whitney said...

Wow. Impressed with the packing tape and the mountain o' mags. Can't wait til you're here!!