Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Documentation of a Florida Morning

I hereby pronounce that all situations that could be described as "watching paint dry" shall now be said to be like "watching kitchen scraps become dirt."

That said, looking for a job in this economy is like watching kitchen scraps become dirt. This is actually a pretty good analogy because the anticipated outcome of each is pretty rewarding. A paid job and luscious compost, both very good and necessary things in this world.

So, amidst the job searching (you can't do that every moment of the day) and composting (I'm not really watching it...not very much, anyway) I still have a lot of time on my hands. Just what I wanted for Life After Graduation, right? Right...? ... ...

Um, no. I do better with a lot on my proverbial plate. Like that summer in high school when I had three jobs. Like working insane retail hours during my undergraduate work. Like cleaning a gym after closing hours during grad school. I like to be productive (cooking and cleaning for my sister does not count...sorry Whitney.) Now, I don't have school OR a job (implode here.) And watching compost is sort of the antithesis of being productive. It's like watching something else be productive, really slowly, and then realizing it is still being more productive than you. Yeah.

But ENOUGH about me and my unemployment (and compost). There are always things to appreciate in life and that's what I intended to share with you this morning (if anyone made it past all of this ridiculous self pity, which is also the antithesis of being productive.) ;)

I give you, A Florida Morning:

And now I'm off to find something else to occupy myself. There must be a figure drawing class around here somewhere...

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