Thursday, July 22, 2010

Purple, j'adore.

Purple. The most undervalued color in the spectrum. It's true, I say! What? No, I'm not biased.

(a fallen bloom and Purple Queen in Whitney's backyard)

Yes, I'll admit it. My childhood bedroom was always a shade of purple growing up. It started out as a deep eggplant, almost black. Then shifted to a more uplifting lavender. And finally, the color it remains today, at my parent's house, is a soft grayish purple.

I know what you're thinking. Purple? On a wall? YES, People! DO IT!! It can be so dreamy, as demonstrated by the now deceased Domino Magazine.

See? I was way ahead of my time. ;)


Anonymous said...

My bedroom was also purple growing up, and it's purple now too!

Purple rooms are the best.


Katie said...

I could not agree more!