Friday, July 16, 2010

KY Treasure Making 101

The Hunt:
Walk down gravel lane. Hang a right at the mailbox. Hop over cattle guard and check for possums at the barn door before entering. If the coast is clear, climb up the cattle chute to the hay loft. You've arrived at your destination. Begin browsing.

Caution: Faint hissing sounds from broken clay pots may equal baby raccoons.

Potential finds include, but are not limited to, wooden chair frames, old trunks, benches, various cabinets, and rot iron sewing machine bases. But you can't carry it all home. So unless you've brought a boy, you can only choose one item.

The Find:
Card Catalogue in disrepair.

The Work:
Remove hardware. Sand. Sand. Sand. Polyeurethane x2. Brasso hardware. Re-assemble.

The Finishing Touch:
Accessorize! Choose cute paper to label drawers. Add fun text with stamps. Be creative.

***This card catalogue was scavenged by my sister Whitney, found in my grandfather's treasure-filled barn in Kentucky. She refinished it while living in Pennsylvania and tonight we added a touch of color (and comedy if you noticed the 'WTF!' drawer), a Friday night well spent. Now she sits transfering recipes onto index cards to fill the drawers.***

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